About us

The Armenian Territorial Development Fund (ATDF) was established based on the restructuring of the Social Investment Fund in the frames of the territorial development policy of the 2014-2025 Strategic Program on Prospective Development of the Republic of Armenia.

Since 1996 the ATDF has carried out extensive activities in rehabilitation of community infrastructure and has implemented 1130 projects. There are many evidences of fruitful activities of the Fund in all the regions of the country, namely newly constructed and rehabilitated schools, community centers, water supply and irrigation pipelines, health centers, etc. in particularly in disaster zones and border regions.  

During its operation the Fund has managed to:

  • develop effective targeting mechanism, which allows to ensure the accessibility of project benefits to the communities in need;
  • ensure proper quality of civil works under community projects, while remaining cost-effective;
  • contribute to the development and capacity-building of the local self-governing bodies and organisations.

Furthermore, Fund’s activities have always been in line with the government programs and have been an important tool for implementation of sectoral strategic projects. 

The Fund plays an enormous role in rehabilitation of economic and social infrastructures and ensuring balanced territorial development in Armenia, and with this consciousness and responsibility, new projects are being launched every year in the RA regions and in the capital, Yerevan.

Currently Fund’s portfolio covers the following projects:

  • Vedi and Kaps Reservoir construction projects;
  • Water systems modernization projects;
  • Projects aimed at improving seismic safety of schools;
  • Social investment and local development project with infrastructure rehabilitation and consolidated communities support subprojects.
  • Local economy and infrastructure development projects aimed at heritage hub regeneration and tourism circuit development.