Armenia Territorial Development Fund (ATDF)

Armenian Territorial Development Fund (ATDF) was established on the basis of restructuring of the Armenian Social Investment Fund (ASIF) to fulfill the requirements of the 2014-2025 Strategic Program on Prospective Development of the Republic of Armenia.

Since 1996 ASIF/ATDF has carried out 908 community infrastructure rehabilitation projects. The results of ASIF operation are numerous and have a wide coverage.  New and renovated schools, community centers, irrigation and potable water systems, health centers, other social and infrastructure objects were constructed in all marzes of the country, including the disaster zone and border areas.

The Fund contributed largely in establishment and development of community based institutions and capacity building in places. Majority of communities’ leaders benefited of the training courses on financial management, budgeting, taxation and property management financed by the Fund. The courses were designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be employed by the local self-government bodies’ representatives in their daily activities.

During 20 years of its operation the Fund:

The results mentioned above served as a soling foundation for further, continuous operation of the Fund in line with the new strategic objectives on the country.

By the Government Decree No. 1529-N, dated December 25, 2014, the ASIF was reorganized into the Armenian Territorial Development Fund. The Government of Armenia put new challenges on the ATDF agenda.  They correspond with the Government’s strategy on rehabilitation of the economic and social infrastructure in the regions and the country’s equal territorial development concept.

In light of the most recent developments in the area of territorial administration reform, the ATDF portfolio includes the following projects:

Կոտայքի և Գեղարքունիքի մարզերում կոշտ թափոնների կառավարման ծրագի

Kotayk and Gegharkunik Solid Waste Management Project

Procurement ref: 8972-PRE-46736
Location: Armenia
Business sector: Municipal and environmental infrastructure
Project number: 46736
Funding source: EBRD, EU NIF
Contract type: Project goods, works and services
Notice type: Invitation for pre-qualification
Issue date: 08 Feb 2018
Closing date: 12 Mar 2018 at 17:00

This Invitation for Prequalification follows the General Procurement Notice for this project which was published on the EBRD website, Project Procurement Notices

Annex: The complete package on Construction of new landfill Hrazdan (including buildings and structures) can be found here.

Dear prospective applicants,


Please find herein the answers to the questions received from one of the interested firm:


  • Average Budget for the construction of Landfill / CELL 1
  • Volume to be received by the CELL 1: 1 million of M3? In how many years?
  • Can you confirm that we can operate the Landfill after building the CELL1?
  • Average Budget for operation of the said Landfil
  • Duration of operation of the Landfill CELL1 or the whole Landfill?



-      Average Budget for the construction of Landfill / CELL 1 will not be published at this stage

-      Volume to be received by CELL 1 is approximately 375.000 m³ during approx. 4-5 years

-      The operation of the Landfill (after building the CELL 1) is NOT included in this contract

-      Average Budget for operation of the said Landfill will not be published at this stage

-      Duration of operation of the Landfill CELL1: 4-5 years

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Public Consultation Meeting

On June 22 a Public Consultation Meeting has been held on Strategic Environmental, Social and Cultural Heritage Assessment (SESCHA) within the framework of Local Economy and Infrastructure Development (LEID) Project in the Ministry of Economy. The purpose of the meeting was presenting the SESCHA report to the representatives of the correspondent entities and stakeholders. The purpose of the report is presenting the overall, direct and indirect impacts of the Regional Social-Economic Development Plans, South Corridor Tourism Development Strategy and Local Economy and Infrastructure Development Project. It should be mentioned that LEID project will launch in 2016 aimed at improving the infrastructure services and institutional capacities in tourism sphere in order to gain higher contribution of tourism sphere in local economy in five regions of Armenia: Lori, Vayots Dzor, Kotayq, Ararat and Syuniq. Welcoming the participants Aram Grigoryan, the Head of Institutional Support Department, ATDF, emphasized the importance and application of the Document during Project implementation phase as a tool in terms of enhancing positive environmental, social and cultural heritage impacts and reducing the risks. During interesting discussions the participants emphasized the role and significance of the Document in tourism development. The participants of public discussion highlighted the reflection of environmental issues in the Document among which are garbage management and environmental protection. As an issue of cultural heritage protection the proper rehabilitation and standard maintenance was raised. The representatives of Regional Governor Offices raised their concerns regarding the poor condition of roads and lack of dumps corresponding to the international standards
Training cources

From December 21 to 26, 2015 the Armenian Territorial Development Fund  conducted training courses in the North and South of the country on “Inter-community cooperation and territorial development”. In particular, the topics of the training included  “Analysis and assessment of inter-community cooperation”, “Design  of social investment and  territorial development projects”, “Economic analysis and assessment of social investment and  territorial development projects”, as well as “Training for trainees”.  The aim of the training intended for the staff of Development Projects and Analysis Departments of 10 RA Marzpetarans (Regional administrations) was training the staff of Marzpetarans as experts for the purpose of providing technical assistance to the initiative groups of the intercommunity subprojects to be implemented by ATDF.     The training has been implemented within the framework of the Grant provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).
ATDF International conference

An International Conference on “Regional Development Perspectives in Armenian and 20 years of ASIF/ATDF Regional Development Operations and Community Driven Development” was held in December 9-11, 2015 in Government Reception House, Yerevan Representatives of the Government of RA, Swiss Embassy and European Embassy, Heads and representatives of international organizations, heads of regional and local government, speakers invited from Netherlands, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Indonesia, colleagues from Russian and Ukraine similar projects, sectorial experts, local NGOs  and representatives of intercommunity associations and  ATDF staff. Eight presentations and a number of panel-discussions are carried out during which the issues, problems and solutions related to regional development as well as lessons learnt and their possible application in Armenia and by ATDF are discussed.  Conference was financed by Swiss Development Cooperation and European Union Delegation in Armenia.
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